Nazi-occultisme op Brainwash festival

Morgen, zaterdag 27 februari, sta ik op het Brainwash festival in Den Haag te oreren over ‘Nazi-occultisme in de Wolfenstein game serie’ in het kader van de onvolprezen Academie van Nutteloze Kennis. Tickets zijn helaas uitverkocht, maar wat wil je ook met zo’n onderwerp!


Assassin’s Creed’s Kyrie Eleison

In Assassin’s Creed; Rogue one of the biggest theological enigmas is addressed. If God exists, why evil? With a reference to the historical earthquake in Lisbon in 1755, AC seems to take God’s side. Kyrie Eleison.


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Celebratring Purim in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Wolfenstein. The Old Blood (2015) arrived in store earlier this month. It is a prequel to MachineGames’ highly acclaimed Wolfenstein. The New Order (2014). WOB is shorter than WNO: in about six hours you can play through two different locations: Castle Wolfenstein and the town of Wulfberg. For the true fans, WOB is a trip down memory lane. For the newbies: this is a good game to start playing the Wolfenstein series. For those who dig deeper: what is the Jewish feast Purim doing in a game series criticized for its (allegedly) Nazi fetishism and occultism?

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Wolfenstein. New Order: Jewish mysticism and theodicy

The newest installment of the Wolfenstein series, called New Order, wanders deeper in philosophical and theological themes than any of its predecessors. Superhero William ‘B.J.’ Blazkowicz has found his voice (he was silent in all other games) and shows signs of existential thoughts, discussing faith, mysticism and theodicy with his fellow rebels. Hints of Jewish mysticism are not far away. New Order is the best of the Wolfenstein series until so far, especially in narrativity.

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Haus Abendrot: Hitler won the war

This week the long awaited next installment of the legendary Wolfenstein series will be available fort he gamer community. Every since Wolfenstein 3D (1992, free-to-play on revolutionized the game genre, its name stands for darkness, occultism and Nazism, conjoined in a most twisted fashion. We all remember the Lady Blavatsky, a reference to the famous founder of the Theosophy, as head of the SS Paranormal Division (Return to Castle Wolfenstein, 2001) and the dimension walking iconic superhero “B.J.” Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein, 2009).

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Hitler, Himmler, SS-ers en occultisme

(English version) Het spel The Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) van id Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software en Activision is een bloedstollend (en erg bloederig) ‘first-person-shooter’. Behalve dat het kwalitatief een uitstekend spel is, is het verhaal element niet alleen creatief gevonden, maar ook nog eens doorspekt met occulte en esoterisch elementen. Leuk gevonden of is er meer aan de hand?

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: critique of Nazi occultism

(Nederlandse versie) The game Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) by id Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software and Activision is a very violent ‘first-person shooter’. Besides being an excellent videogame in its own right, the storyline not only shows great creative imagination, but is also littered with occult and esoteric connotations. Nice work of fiction, or is there something more than meets the eye here?

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