Ontdekking van de hemel

OvdH #18 Kan God lijden?

In deze aflevering van ‘De ontdekking van de hemel’ een interview met Marcel Sarot, decaan van de Tilburg School of Catholic Theology over geloof, God en het kwade.

Bron: Radio KIK


Wolfenstein. New Order: Jewish mysticism and theodicy

The newest installment of the Wolfenstein series, called New Order, wanders deeper in philosophical and theological themes than any of its predecessors. Superhero William ‘B.J.’ Blazkowicz has found his voice (he was silent in all other games) and shows signs of existential thoughts, discussing faith, mysticism and theodicy with his fellow rebels. Hints of Jewish mysticism are not far away. New Order is the best of the Wolfenstein series until so far, especially in narrativity.

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