Alleen congressen waarop tenminste één lezing werd gegeven, zijn opgenomen in dit overzicht, alsmede tot welke publicaties deze lezingen hebben geleid.


The Interactive Pasts. Conference 3, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University (Leiden, 2023)


The Eye of the Beholder. Symposium on visual theology, Ukrainian Catholic University/Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Ukraine; Tilburg University, School of Catholic Theology, the Netherlands; Pontifical Athenaeum Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru, India (Online, 2022)

Annual meeting Society of Biblical Literature, Denver (USA, 2022).

Agents of Change: Moral Conversion and Social Transformation, Tilburg University (Online, 2022).

Memory. In search for lost time (Jewish Christian Perspectives), Tilburg University (Utrecht, 2022).


Annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio (USA, 2021).

Creation – transformation – theology, European Society of Catholic Theology, University of Osnabrück (Duitsland, 2021)
-> ‘On the Brink of the Ark,’ in Margit Eckholt (red.), Creation – Transormation – Theology, Münster: LIT (2022), p. 479-493.


Annual meeting American Academy for Religion, digitaal (USA, 2020)
-> ‘The turning of Turing’s tables. The Turing test as an anthropological thought experiment in digital game narratives’, in: Limina. Grazer theologische Perspektiven 3/2 (2020), p. 149-171.


Hope. Where does our hope lie?, European Society of Catholic Theology, University of Trnava (Bratislava)
-> ‘Jesus love me. On Bioshock, Ayn Rand and the end of capitalism’, in; Milos Lichner (red.), Hope. Where does our hope lie? Zürich (2020), p. 645-664.

International Medievalisms Conference, Maynooth University (Ierland)
-> nog te publiceren.


Jerusalem and other holy places as foci of multireligious and ideological confrontation, (Jewish Christian Perspectives), Bar Ilan University (Israel)
-> ‘Inner Sanctum. Digital labyrinths as postmodern pilgrimages. The cases of the Talos Principle and the Turing Test, in: Pieter Hartog, Shulamit Laderman, Vered Tohar and Archibald van Wieringen (red.), Jerusalem and other holy places as foci of multireligious and ideological confrontation, Leiden (2021), p. 50-70.


Communicating Religion, European Association for the Study of Religions, Leuven (België)
-> ‘I Have Faith in Thee, Lord: Criticism of Religion and Child Abuse in the Video Game the Binding of Isaac’, samen met Archibald van Wieringen, in: Religions, Vol 9/4 (2018).

Philadelphia. The Challenge of Brotherhood, European Society of Catholic Theology, Université de Strassbourg (Frankrijk)
-> ‘Never Compromise the Brotherhood. Contrasting Religious Brotherhoods and Orders. The Case of the Assassin’s Creed Series’, in: ET-Studies 10/1 (2019), p. 125-143.

New Quest for God, Protestantse Theologische Universiteit (Groningen)
-> ‘Requiescat in Pace’. Initiation and Assassination Rituals in the Assassin’s Creed Game Series’, in: Religions, Vol 9/5 (2018).


Annual Meeting, American Academy of Religion, San Antonio (USA)
-> ‘Accept your baptism, and die! Redemption, Death and Baptism in Bioshock Infinite’, in: Gamevironments, Vol 06 (2017), p. 100-129.

Evil, European Society of Philosophy of Religion, University of Uppsala (Zweden)
-> ‘There is no solution! Wicked problems in digital games’, in Games and Culture, 23 juni 2017.

1st Joint DiGRA/FDG Conference, Abertay University (Dundee, Schotland)
-> ‘The Word Has Become Game: Researching Religion in Digital Games’, in: Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet, Vol 11 (2016), p. 28-45.

33rd Annual International Dream Conference, Rolduc (Kerkrade)
-> ‘The incarnated gamer. The theophoric quality of games, gaming, and gamers’, in: Jayne Gackenbach & Johnathan Brown (red.), Boundaries of the self and reality online. Implications of digitally constructed realities, Londen (2017), p. 187-204.


Stories and Tradition in Transformation (Jewish Christian Perspectives), Protestantse Theologische Universiteit te Amsterdam (Nederland)
-> ‘”We do not pray, we invent”. Jews, Judaism and Jewish mysticism in the video game Wolfenstein. The New Order‘, samen met Leo Mock, in: Albertina Houtman, Tamar Kadari, Marcel Poorthuis en Vered Tohar (red.), Religious stories in transformation. Conflict, revision and reception, Leiden (2016), p. 376-398.

The Soul of Theology, European Society of Catholic Theology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (België)
-> nog te publiceren (echt waar!).


Silence & Film, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Nederland)
-> ‘Silent Adam. Silence and Religion in the film Wall-E’, in: Freek Bakker, Mathilde van Dijk & Leo van der Tuin (red.), ‘Blessed are the Eyes that Catch Divine Whispering…’ Silence and Religion in Film, Film und Theologie, Vol 28 (2015), p. 174-185.


God in Question, European Society of Catholic Theology, Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Brixen (Italië)
-> ”Gottes Ursprache’. Hugo Ball’s Theology of Sound’, in: Martin M. Lintner (red.), God in Question. Religious language and secular languages, Brixen (2014), p. 397-412


Sacrifice (Jewish Christian Perspectives), Bar Ilan University (Israel)
-> ‘Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice. Sacrifice between Christ and Nietzsche’, in: Marcel Poorthuis, Joshua Schwartz, Joseph Turner (red.), The Actuality of the Sacrifice, Leiden (2014), p. 447-462.


Transcending Denominational Boundaries (Jewish Christian Perspectives), Bar Ilan University (Israel)
-> ‘Kabbalah on the Internet: Transcending Denominational Boundaries in Conflicting Ideologies’, samen met Marcel Poorthuis, in: Marcel Poorthuis, Joshua Schwartz, Joseph Turner (red.), Interaction between Judaism and Christianity in History, Religion, Art and Literature, Brill: Leiden (2009), p. 375-398