Assassin’s Creed’s christendom

Based on: ‘The poor carpenter. Reinterpretating Christian Mythology in the Assassin’s Creed Game Series’, in: Gamevironments #4 (2016), p. 61-87. Download on Gamevironments or

Adam & Eve

AC2, Clay Kaczmarek’s ‘session 12’

Apples of Eden

Example taken from AC2.


Cain & Abel

AC2, glyph 6: showing Cain fights Abel over an Apple of Eden, and is marked as a Templar.


Adam, Eve, Moses and Jesus

Shroud of Turin (Joseph, David & Jesus)

AC2, glyph 7: showing ‘the shroud of Turin‘ in the possession of Jason, Joseph van Egypte (tweemaal), koning David, en (tweemaal) Jezus van Nazareth.

Assassin's Creed - Shroud1

AC2, ID: Piece of Eden 66 – Shroud

Assassin's Creed - Shroud2

AC:Syndicate, sequence #4 (‘Play it by ear’)

The Nephilim

AC3, sequence 12

Reference to Number 13:31-33 (cf. Genesis 6:1-6).