Stupid AI?

As we use AI in our daily human activities more than ever before, it’s fair to say that we keep on giving a greater portion of responsibility to these so called intelligent algorithmic computer programs. But stripping away responsibilities from the human and giving them to AI, are we actually ready for that? And perhaps more importantly, is AI ready for that? Because who is responsible when AI crashes your self-driving Tesla? Who should take the blame when AI algorithms are inherently biased, as was the case during the Dutch childcare benefits scandal? And what should we do when AI software inflates the cost of Uber fares, which is exactly what happened after the  London terrorist attacks in 2017?

During this event, organized by the Studium Generale of Tilburg University, experts from different academic fields will share their thoughts on the topic of Artificial Stupidity, such as Law, Theology, Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Economy. By creating this interdisciplinary and varied pool of expertise, the primary goal is to explore the complexity that AI brings to society as a whole. By presenting our speakers with questions, statements and case studies about “Stupid AI” and by inviting the audience to participate in the discussion as well, we open up the floor to anyone interested in sharing their ideas. The event will be moderated by Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence student Nicolas Sanmartin de Miranda.

Speakers: Pim Haselager, Frank Bosman, Afra Alishahi and Joshua Eckblad.