In his book Cybertheology with its sub title ‘Thinking Christianity in the Era of the Internet’, Antonio Spadaro ventures into the world of the internet and the social media. Spadaro enters new territory in his Cybertheology, to – paraphrase StarTrek – boldly go where no or very few fellow-theologians has gone before. The author does not,however, provide his readers with the tools necessary to link these two domains, theology andinformation technology.

Yes, saving a file and saving a soul from eternal damnation do have something in common, but is it enough to say they are profoundly linked? Secondly, Spadaro doesstate that the hierarchical nature of the Roman Catholic church does not comply with the democraticand anarchistic nature of the internet, but gives no solution to this problem.

Cybertheology is a great book for theologians trying to reflect on our internet informationtechnology, but in the end cannot cope with its own expectations.

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