In Fallout 4, one can encounter the All Faiths Chapel near the entrance of Diamond City. Pastor Clements welcomes you to his one and only true pluralistic church of the Wastelands. The pastor is nicely dressed in a retro futuristic stola and collar.

When you ask the pastor who’s chapel this is, he replies:

I suppose I should say this chapel really belongs to God. But since I never get around to deciding which God in particular, I guess you could say it belongs to all of them.

The chapel is open 24/7 for all prayers and offerings ‘as long as it is peaceful’. The reason pastor Clements is doing what he does best, he replies:

Diamond City is full of people trying to build a better life. I Just don’t want them to forget what makes them human while they are at it.

John Hick would be very proud of Bethesda’s pluralistic look on the religious phenomenon 🙂