The Forest is a first-person open world-survival horror video game in development by Canadian company Endnight Games. The game is accessible as an early alpha through Steam. The game’s protagonist has to find ways to survive on an island invested with cannibals, after an unfortunate plane crash. During my own explorations of the island, my son and I came across an unofficial location, the Beachside Grave.

It can be found on the beach to the west of the large clearing with a cave entrance. There are several suitcases to be found with quite some interesting loot. A half sunken yacht is also near this location. On the grave you can find photos of the yacht and a wooden cross. I have found no reference to the one buried there so far. And the scariest part of finding a grave on a desolated island is not the one in the grave, but the question where the one who buried him there, has gone to. Finding a grave means finding a survivor, who could be friendly or not.

When playing The Forest, the player can come across other signs of other survivors of your crash and – apparently, of the earlier crashes on the island. This grave is different, because the survivors usually end in the belly of the island’s cannibals. So, I could make an educated guess where my gravedigger went. Unfortunately for him.