Silent Adam. Silence and Religion in the film ‘Wall-E’

This month my article ‘Silent Adam. Silence and Religion in Wall-E’ has been published in: ‘Blessed are the eyes that catch divine whispering’. Silence and Religion in Film by Schüren Verlag.

Quotation from the Introduction (by Freek Bakker, Mathilde van Dijk, Leo van der Tuin en Marjeet Verbeek): ‘Frank G. Bosman, a Dutch theologian, contributed the fifth article of this section: “Silent Adam. Silence and Religion in the film Wall-E”. Wall-E is an animation-film about two almost voiceless robots called Wall-E and Eve. Their relationship recalls the relationship between Adam and Eve in Genesis. Wall-E can be regarded a silent movie not because there is no sound in it but because of the lack of speech. Yet the robots communicate. It seems that silence is the new universal Adamic language.’


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