Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice: between Nietzsche & Christ

Almost four years ago (January 2011) I took part in an interreligious scholarly congres in Jeruzalem: Jewish Christian Perspectives (cooperation of among others Bar Ilan University and Tilburg University). Thios morning I received the congres book The Actuality of Sacrifice. Past en Present (editors Marcel Poorthuis and Alberdina Houtman).

The introduction about my article ‘Tarkvsky’s Sacrifice: between Nietzsche and Christ’ by the editors read:

‘Frank Bosman’s discussion of the high;y emigmatic 1986 movie ‘the Sacrifice’ by Andrei Tarkovsky suggests that the film sheds light on the way the Western world thinks about ‘sacrifice’ and ‘salvation’; even though the act of sacrifice depicted in the film does not coincide with classic models of salvation but rather joins Christian imagery and vocabulary with Nietzsche’s anti-Christian brand of egotistical sacrifice. In this context, he understands the film to be a warning to humanity as to the existential repercussions of the apperent lack of meaning and values in the state of affairs characteristic of late-modernity.’ (p. 5)


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